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Setting sky-high standards with Lacey Gormley and Jet Edge International

Jet Edge & Air Gourmet:

A high-flying partnership in quality, service and safety.


At Air Gourmet, we understand private aviation is that rare, exclusive industry where the rewards for a “job well done”  come with high expectations for exceptional quality and service. And that may be the key to our successful catering partnership with Jet Edge International. According to Lacey Gormley, Jet Edge Director of Inflight Services, Air Gourmet “helps us enhance the luxurious experience we strive for.”

Jet Edge full-service global private aviation and Air Gourmet Inflight Catering

As an integrated large-cabin operator and management firm, Jet Edge is thoroughly committed to exacting standards for safety, quality and superior (and timely) service. According to Lacey, “Catering within aviation is a growing market. Coming from a charter company that has been expanding rapidly as well, I know how hard it is to keep up with the mass demand. Air Gourmet has done an exceptional job of doing just that. They always take our orders to the next level and help us to enhance the luxurious experience we strive for.”


Jet Edge International, a Bard Capital Company, is a leader in full-service global private aviation.  As an integrated large-cabin management operator and maintenance provider, Jet Edge services aircraft owners with a world-class operational platform and extends individual clients, and corporations 365-day-a-year access to one of the most diverse and luxurious aircraft fleets in the world.  Backed by unparalleled award-winning safety programs and overseen by a leadership team with over 500 years of collective aviation experience, Jet Edge delivers excellence in aircraft management, charter management, on-demand charter, aircraft sales, and maintenance.

Jet Edge International and Air Gourmet Infight Catering