Introducing our new menu, featuring “Signature Dishes.”


We’re thrilled to announce our new Air Gourmet menu, featuring savory “Signature Dishes” inspired and created by our head chefs, Dwayne Lortie and Christopher Hajji. Feast your eyes on appetizing, unique dishes like our Ahi Tuna Tartare, Asian Chicken Salad, and our Pan-Seared Veal Chop with Cabernet-Blackberry Sauce.  To download an electronic version,  click here. If you’d prefer the printed version, contact us directly by calling 310.253.7700 (Los Angeles), or 702.639.0888 (Las Vegas).

Air Gourmet® Plating and Presentation Program


Discerning clients, exacting schedules, tight work spaces — we figured you could use a helping hand. That’s why we are offering our Air Gourmet® Plating & Presentation Program. Give us a call to visit our kitchen or to set up a time for our representative to come by your facility for a crisp tutorial filled with useful tips and insights on how to plate Air Gourmet® dishes so they look their best — and reflect well on you. Los Angeles: Call 310.253.7700, fax 310.253.7701, or email us. Las Vegas: Call 702.639.0888, fax 702.639.0889 or email us.


Savoring the holidays: Our 2014 Holiday Menu


Our 2013 Holiday Menu features classics are a cut above, featuring tasteful culinary touches that make these favorites something to savor. Keep in mind, as well, that if something strikes the fancy of your passengers, our sister company Gourmet Celebrations is ready to provide that same dish or service on the ground. Our professional event coordinators are ready to assist you anytime. Los Angeles: 310.253.7705; Las Vegas: 702.649.7358

Our pursuit of excellence, like our kitchens, runs 24/7 Click to connect!
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Air Gourmet® is the premier inflight caterer in the Southern California and Las Vegas areas, where we are proud to serve the world’s most discerning clientele. Our client list is, of course, strictly confidential, but suffice to say we deal daily with royalty, national leaders, heads of business, and celebrities from the worlds of  sports, entertainment and the arts.

Our secret to success is simple. We build long-lasting relationships. We assist our clients in their menu development. We provide the accouterments that soften the rigors of flying — simple things, like suggesting the flowers for the decoration of your aircraft. We can provide you with everything from cigars, videos, linen service, cabin supplies, gifts, personal shopping, newspapers — whatever your special needs might be.



• Voted #1 West Coast Inflight Caterer by Corporate Flight Attendants in Aviation International News.
• With 25 years of experience creating and delivering on deadline, and satisfying the world’s most discerning clientele, we understand exactly the needs, and the pressures you’re facing.
• World-class master chefs and an unlimited menu, spanning every cuisine, trend, taste, fancy and dietary need.
• Exceptionally high standards that require only the world’s finest purveyors of meat, seafood and produce.
• 24/7 availability to accommodate your diverse needs — even on short notice — and a record of on-time delivery unparalleled in business aircraft catering.
• Streamlined order process and experienced customer service specialists.
• More coverage, success, clients and experience serving airports of greater Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas.

At Air Gourmet®, every day is a new chance to raise our standards of freshness, flavor, and culinary craft. But, did you know that Air Gourmet® can bring more than than just fresh, savory cuisine to your cabin door? It’s true: We’re just at skilled at delivering amenities that can soften the rigors of flying: Fresh flowers, specialty newspapers and magazines, linen service — whatever your passengers may need. Air Gourmet®: We consider every request an opportunity to satisfy the world’s most discerning clients, and every flight a new chance to prove ours is the finest dining in the air.

Barry Saven

President, Air Gourmet