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Air Gourmet welcomes new Kitchen Manager Genny Cha

Genny Cha Inflight Catering Kitchen Manager


A warm Air Gourmet Welcome to Kitchen Manager Genny Cha


Line cook. Pastry chef. Chef. Member, Air Force Special Forces. Flight Attendant with Clay Lacy and Avjet. If there is a candidate perfectly suited for the quick-paced, ever-changing life at Air Gourmet, we’d have to say it’s Genevieve Cha.

After studying the culinary arts Genny took her skills to the stratosphere, serving in the United States Air Force where she logged thousands of airborne hours devoted to the defense the US. After the military, Genny transitioned to the world of private aviation, exchanging high-ranking military officials for high-powered celebrities and business and government leader.

Genevieve loved her time as a sought-after flight attendant, but after six years and 10,000 hours aloft, the demands of working 26 days-a-month started to catch up with her. Before long, she decided to land with Air Gourmet, and we’re delighted that she did.

“I came to know Air Gourmet, and I came to trust their insistence on quality, consistency and service during my years in the air as a private flight attendant,” Ms. Cha says now. “The success of a private flight can hinge on the quality of the food and the service. Everything needs to be just right,” she says “which often means thinking on your feet and acting quickly and decisively. At Air Gourmet, we understand there is simply no room for error when you’re 40,000 feet in the air, serving some of the world’s most discerning clientele.”


If you plan on attending the June 22, NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference in Delray Beach, don’t miss Genny’s presentation: “Tap Into Your Inner MacGyver: The tools, tricks and techniques that will help you shine on any short notice flight.” flight.”


She’s circumnavigated the globe many times. She’s prepared inflight meals for rock bands and world leaders. Even so, Genny loves to relax by making long-time favorites at home. “Having lived in Italy for three years, I love authentic Italian dishes,” she says. “I love the hearty flavors of great Creole and Cajun dishes, and of course I’m always thinking of new vegan and vegetarian meals.”