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Susan Friedenberg and the fine art of Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Raising awareness, standards and safety: Air Gourmet supports Corporate Flight Attendant Training


“Before they remember the pilot or the landing, your clients will first remember the catering.” That was just one of the many insights Susan Friedenberg shared with her recent Corporate Flight Attendant Training class. We were delighted to provide the delectables for the Inflight Catering portion of Susan’s course, held over four days last week at AirFlite at Long Beach Airport.

Asked what is the most pressing issue for corporate flight attendants to be aware of, and Susan answers succinctly: “Food safety.” In her view, “It’s imperative we keep food properly chilled, whether with ice, dry ice or refrigeration. If we allow it to sit out more than four hours,” she continues, “bacteria can form. When you’re dealing with executives and officials, of course their health and safety is paramount. And it’s just as important, and maybe even more so,  when it comes to the health of our crew, the pilot and the co-pilot.”




Testimonials for Susan’s Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Thank you Susan for teaching me the tools and getting me started in the most amazing career I could ever have chosen for myself.

It’s been an overwhelming year between conferences and traveling all around the globe, amazing experiences and the most important thing, I am loving every minute of my job, every trip and using everything I learned in your training!
I have been to amazing places that I always dreamt about going to and have been making great connections in the business aviation industry and because of my due diligence, training and passion for this work, I put myself in the exact place I wanted to be.
This year has been nothing less then a dream come true and it all started with finding you on the Internet, telephone conversations, your amazing training and you never giving up on me.

Thank you once again.

Maria Carmela Carrillo – Corporate Flight Attendant
New Jersey – May 2014