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Welcome Sandra Newman, Corporate Flight Attendant

 Corporate Flight Attendant Sandra Newman brightens our offices, and picks us a few pointers on plating and presentation.

Air Gourmet kitchens were brightened when Sandra Newman, Corporate Flight Attendant, stopped by for a tasty Plating & Presentation class.

Sous Chef Erik Jorgensen and Operations Manager Elmer Huezo took Sandra through some of the finer points of presenting salads and entrées with just the right touch.

Remember, if you’re a corporate flight attendant or part of a flight crew, and you’d like your own free Platting & Presentation lesson, please contact us.

Corporate flight attendants and crew members never settle for second best, and never stop striving for perfection. That’s why we’ve launched our series of Plating and Presentation classes.  Key to one’s ongoing success in the private jet market, is being renowned for your ability to anticipate and cater to the often complex wishes of your discerning customers.

This training program will ensure your care, proficiency and skill stand out from the crowd and significantly improve the services you provide your discerning clients, ensuring invaluable repeat and referral business for your company.

Corporate Flight Attendant plating and presentation skills