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Air Gourmet takes center stage in Airline Ground Services inflight catering survey


Article in Airline Ground Services captures the essence and demands of life as a premier inflight caterer.


In the rarefied world of the super-rich, Saudi princes, pop superstars, Premier League footballers and Hollywood actors order whatever food they like, whenever they like. The cost is irrelevant. If an essential ingredient can only be found thousands of miles away, the catering companies will have to fetch it.

Thus begins a lengthy article in the current issue of Aviation Ground Services, in which writer David Smith reviews the best inflight caterers in the business: “In the US, three catering companies dominate this market…New York- based Rudy’s Inflight Catering, Silver Lining in Florida and Air Gourmet, which has kitchens in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.”

Smith captures the essence of inflight catering for private and corporate aircraft when he writes, “(The caterers) must have highly trained and flexible chefs, a complex and rapid logistics operation to track down unusual ingredients at short notice and kitchens located near the haunts of the super-wealthy.”

Download the complete article by clicking here. 


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